Dymax IQ3 acrylic aquarium launched


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New company Aqua Mart UK are distributing the new Dymax IQ3 acrylic nano aquarium.

At just 220mm(L) x 170mm(W) x 220mm(H) the tank is tiny in size though it has some interesting design features including built in filtration, acrylic build and LED overhead light.

Dymax, the IQ3's manufacturers told Practical Fishkeeping: "Combining creativity with expertise, we have produced a truly unique product whilst focussing on complete aquarium necessity. Each installation is handmade from the highest quality acrylic to your requirements. The new Dymax IQ3 mini acrylic tank comes with a full set of accessories, including a light unit, filtration system and detailed instructions on how to use this easy to maintain aquarium."

Dymax also list the advantages of an acrylic tank over glass, including weighing over 50% less, being stronger and clearer, no visible sealing or sharp edges and impact resistance.

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Practical Fishkeeping estimate the gross volume to be 8.22 litres, which although tiny, will be suitable for housing small freshwater invertebrates like Crystal red shrimp. The LED light is slimline, bendable into any position and contains 28 dimmable LEDs for a total power consumption of just 1.6 watts.

The filter includes a trickle plate, course mechanical filter and large foam for mechanical and biological filtration. The pump has a multidirectional, wide jet outlet combined with adjustable flow from 200-300lph, and a power consumption of 5 watts. RRP is £59.99.