Dyed Fish Campaign hits halfway mark


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Practical Fishkeeping has managed to get half of the UK's fish shops to sign up to its Dyed Fish Campaign.

Yesterday, Practical Fishkeeping managed to get a number of new shops to agree to sign our pledge stating that they would no longer stock fish that had been injected with coloured dyes, taking us past the historic halfway mark.

The Dyed Fish Campaign was originally started in the late 1990s when Practical Fishkeeping research showed that some of the "coloured" or "painted" Glassfish on sale in the trade had gained their colours through injections of coloured dyes.

The first Campaign led to a dramatic reduction in the number of dyed fish sold, and raised awareness of the issue worldwide.

"Unfortunately, some dealers still refuse to sign the Pledge, because they believe that coloured species are important to their trade."

Although still far from common, in the past couple of years, we've seen dyed fish returning to the UK, with a much wider range of dyed species on sale at certain shops.


We relaunched our Dyed Fish Campaign last year and opened up membership to aquatic dealers across the globe in an effort to try and curb this cruel trade.

With over 50% of the UK's tropical fish shops now signed up, from here onwards, those who continue to stock these fish are going to be in the minority.

We strongly believe that no shop should be selling these fish, and we would like all of the UK's fish suppliers to sign up to show their support.

Unfortunately, some dealers still refuse to sign the Pledge, because they believe that coloured species are important to their trade.

To find out whether your local retailer has signed the Pledge, have a look at their entry on our Fish Shop Finder database.

If they haven't signed up, please ask the store to call us on 01733 465204 and we will add them to the list.

For more details on the Campaign, and the benefits of joining, please visit the Campaign section.