Drunk man stole fish from aquatic shop


A man stole £200 worth of fish from an aquatic shop in Birmingham while he was drunk.

Denver Harris stole Koi and other fish from Erdington Aquatics on December 5 last year, after climbing over a wall.

According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, he used equipment from the shop to catch the fish - but was caught on CCTV and later recognised by a police officer.

When police went to his home in Handsworth they found some of the stolen fish in a plastic container in his kitchen. He initially denied the theft, saying he'd had the fish for a number of weeks, but later changed his plea to guilty.

He was given an 18-week suspended sentence and ordered to pay £120 compensation.

His defence said that Harris was taking steps to address an alcohol addiction and that he had been drunk at the time of the theft.

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