Dr David Pool starts up new product company FishScience


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Seasoned aquarists will be very familiar with David Pool (ex Tetra,) and he was even a resident expert in old PFKs!

His new company FishScience, which he calls the the new name in quality fish keeping products, will launch it’s range of fish foods at the AQUA 2013 trade exhibition in Telford.

The company, founded by Dr David Pool, will initially focus on a select range of aquarium and pond foods before expanding to care products in the coming months.

David commented, “I am very proud to be able to supply a range of products for aquarium and pond fish under the FishScience name. The aim when starting the company was to source a select range of high quality, effective products that were clearly labeled and which used natural ingredients wherever possible”.
The foods within the FishScience range demonstrate how successful we have been in this objective.  They contain natural colour enhancers such as carrot, paprika, spirulina and chlorella algae all of which will enhance the fantastic colours of aquarium and pond fish – naturally.  

For health we have also turned to nature for help. The products contain garlic, which is widely known for its anti parasite and health properties as well as natural yeasts, which are rich in Beta Glucans, an ingredient which actively supports the immune system of the fish enabling it to naturally fight of disease.

“FishScience is committed to the environment and sustainability. Our products use ingredients that are 99% sourced within the EU so we are not adding lots of air miles and the pollution that this produces.  And as you would expect our packaging is completely recyclable’ stated Dr Pool.


"Importantly, the fish love the foods. Trials conducted with selected retailers and members of the Federation of British Aquatic Societies have proved exceptionally successful, with a strong endorsement for the quality and acceptability of the foods within the range."

FishScience products will be available from the AQUA exhibition onwards via selected retail partners.