Discus show returns to Festival of Fishkeeping!


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This year's FBAS Festival of Fishkeeping takes place from October 1-2, at Hounslow Urban Farm, and the 2016 event will also host a discus show.

The organisers are hoping for around 75 discus to entered in six classes, with prizes and trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed fish in each class, along with a Grand Champion.

The judging panel consists of Mark Evenden (England), Mike O'Sullivan (Wales), Clive Brampton (England), Ricky Lim (Malaysia), and head judge Kaj Persson (Sweden).

Mark Evenden says: "The judged element of the show will only be open to hobbyists — so no professional dealers or breeders.  

"As well as the judged show, there will be trade stands within the show and Kaj Persson will give a talk and slide show about a recent trip to the Amazon.

"We also hope to have George Farmer present on the Saturday to complete a discus tank aquascape. Quite a few discus enthusiasts have already booked accommodation for the weekend and the gathering is a good opportunity to put names to faces, meet the UK's leading discus suppliers and see some of the very best fish in the UK.

Mark Evenden of Devotedly Discus and Clive Brampton of Northants Discus will be exhibiting Discus at the show. Mark says: "In recent times Clive Brampton has shown his fish all over Europe, winning shows in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France and Spain — Clive's fish will be there to see, but he is not competing — we very much want this to be a hobbyist show."

For further information and updates please visit the Discus Show Facebook page.

Hounslow Urban Farm  is situated on Faggs Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW14 0LZ