Devario sp Broken line gets name


The Devario that has been on sale in the shops as D.

sp. "Broken line" and D. sp. "TW02" now has an official name.

Fang Fang and Sven Kullander described the new giant danio as Devario xyrops in a paper in the journal Zootaxa.

The new danionine species was discovered in small rivers on the western slope of the Rakhine Yoma mountain range in south-western Myanmar.

It is unlike all other Devario, apart from the recently described Devario anomalus, in that it has a very distinctive colour pattern consisting of a dark blotch or series of dark bars at the head end of the body and a separate dark horizontal band.

Devario anomalus looks similar but is from Bangladesh and has a deeper body and fewer scales than xyrops.

For more information see: Fang F and S Kullander (2009) - Devario xyrops, a new species of danionine fish from south-western Myanmar (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Zootaxa 2164: 33-40.