December issue of Practical Fishkeeping on sale now!


Editor's Picks
December issue of Practical Fishkeeping on sale now!

Did you know that a Guppy is more closely related to humans than it is to a shark? This is just one of the 101 amazing facts about fish that you'll find in our special feature in this month's issue of PFK!

The December issue also brings you some fabulous ideas for winter breeding projects. There's a spotlight on the gloriously laid-back Mesonauta cichlids — beautiful, medium sized fish that won't eat your Neons, unlike some of their relatives. You can also discover the tiny Jae barb and find out the results of a study on the effects of bare tanks on Zebra danios.

We have three aquascaping ideas to inspire you and our recent travels turn up four rarities on the fish front that had the PFK staff doing backflips!

If you're looking for something striking but undemanding for your reef tank, check out the incredible Doughnut corals, or meet the marines from mucky homes — but don't worry, you won't have to replicate their habitat to keep them!

All this and much more in the December issue of PFK — on sale now!

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