Dangerous aquarium recalled


An aquarium manufactured in China has been recalled after it was found to be capable of delivering an electric shock to fishkeepers.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a voluntary recall and has warned the public to stop using the AquaPod aquarium immediately.

The AquaPod aquarium, which holds 12 US gallons/45 litres, is produced in China and has been distributed in the USA by Current USA Inc of Vista, California.

The aquarium has three power cords. Two control the lighting, while another controls the air pump. When only one of the two lamp cords is plugged-in, the unplugged lamp cord can "become energised", posing an electric shock risk to fishkeepers.

The product measures around 16" x 15" x 16" and is marketed as a nano reef, which is supplied with daylight and actinic lights and built in cooling fans.

Seven fishkeepers shockedThe distributor has received nine complaints regarding the electrical safety of the product they have been distributing, and seven fishkeepers received electric shocks after touching the energised power cable.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says the offending aquarium is the AquaPod model 7050, however, the model number isn't marked anywhere on the packaging.

"The model number is not written on the aquariums, but is on the owner's manual and the packaging. Only aquariums without a white label containing the manufacturer data and a bar code, which is attached to a light reflector inside the lid of the aquariums are included in this recall.

"To check if your unit has a white sticker, open the aquarium lid and look on the bottom left hand corner of the light reflector. If your AquaPod 12-gallon system has a white label with a date in black letters and a bar code, it is not included in the recall. Model numbers 7051 and 7052 aquariums also are not included in the recall."

Making your aquarium safeThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that anyone running one of the dodgy aquariums turns it off at the mains immediately, and then unplugs it. They should contact their local retailer to arrange a free replacement.

A number of companies are currently importing aquaria from China. While Practical Fishkeeping is aware that some of these products have been reported to Trading Standards over electrical safety fears, we are not aware of any that have been removed from sale.

It is not known whether this model is available in the UK. If you see this aquarium on sale in the UK, please contact Matt Clarke at Practical Fishkeeping.