D-D Aquarium Solutions to release NanoScope


D-D Aquarium Solutions are to release an aquarium microscope designed for attaching to the aquarium glass.

Following the priciples of the similar Ogle's Mesoscope, this 'scope appears designed for the mass market and while D-D have yet to set their RRP for these units it is hoped they will be within the price range of the average hobbyist.

Considering a vast amount of life forms within the reef aquarium are too small for the naked eye to see, the NanoScope allows the hobbyist to venture into this hidden world and observe tiny marine creatures and natural feeding behaviours of corals.

Not only will the NanoScope allow you to see the good creatures, the ability to observe the microcosm of life within reef-systems will permit the user to observe various coral pests that can plague a reef tank and quickly decimate coral stocks.

These tiny creatures are often no more than the size of a pin head and are easily missed resulting in misdiagnosis.

It should further be possible for images and video to be taken through the NanoScope using a mobile phone or camera capable of auto focus. The images can be invaluable for online diagnosis or identification of unknown creatures.