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A team of specialists from Dennerle recently visited PFK, to create a stunning aquascape for us.

Their masterpiece was created in six hours, and included many new and unusual plants.

The team of three was made up of Chris Lukhaup, who is Dennerle's shrimp expert, sponsored to travel world-wide seeking out new and colourful species for the trade; Stefan Hummel, who is to plants what Chris is to shrimps, seeking out new foliage wherever he goes; and Volker Jochum – the rising star of Dennerle, an aquascaper with successes already under his fledgling belt. 

The design they came up with was a central ravine with lush, overgrown mountains either side, and we think it looked amazing.

You can see a step-by-step guide to how the aquascape was achieved in the October issue of PFK, on sale now.

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