Conger eel returned to wild


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An adult Conger eel has been returned to the wild after spending five years as a resident at Scotland's Macduff Aquarium.

According to the Evening Express, the 10 stone Conger eel, which is called Stretch, is now sexually mature and looking for a partner. Congers apparently migrate to the Azores to breed but die shortly after spawning.

The massive fish had to be lifted out of the aquarium using a crane equipped with a special bag and he was helped into the water by three aquarists equipped with diving gear. His release was watched by a crowd of onlookers.

Diane Stewart of the Macduff Aquarium told the Evening Express that staff had grown to love the eel: You can't help but get attached. Stretch is a real character. When he first joined us he was really quite grumpy, but he has mellowed a lot since then."

"Stretch stopped for a minute and looked for somewhere to hide and then realised he was free and set off for the ocean."

Stretch is due to be replaced by a young eel later this year.