Christmas 2009 issue on sale now


Editor's Picks

The Christmas issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine is on sale from November 25 to December 22 2009.

In this issue we take an in-depth look at the bizarre and comical marine frogfishes of the Antennarius genus. These weird little fish have fins like hands, "walk" around on the substrate, swim using jet propulsion and fish for their prey using tiny fishing rods and lures on their heads. If you're after a strange, yet fascinating pet fish for the smaller marine aquarium these are well worth a look.

Brackish step-by-step: Want to set up a great-looking tank for brackish water gobies? George Farmer shows how it's done in this easy-to-follow aquarium set-up guide. 6 inspirational set-ups: Check out these six great tanks to get your creative juices flowing.

Iwagumi step-by-step: George Farmer shows how to set up a classic Japanese-style iwagumi aquarium. Fishkeeping Answers: The world's top fish experts answer some of your queries and we take a close look at South American cichlids.

The sunken garden: Jeremy Gay speaks to the creators of the world's largest planted aquarium - all 40,000 litres of it - to find out how they put the system together. Your tanks: We take a look at Paul Meelen's lovely nature aquarium. Where in the world: Dr Heok Hee Ng looks at the fish of the Brahmaputra basin.

Devastation: Concluding his two-part series, Heiko Bleher witnesses the relentless march of deforestation in Cameroon and the hostility of loggers when a camera is produced! Melon barbs: These are often overlooked but, as Matt Ford says, they make great community fish and develop lovely colours. PFK Quick Guide to snakeheads: Dr Heok Hee Ng covers the snakehead family Channidae and explains which species you should look out for.

Belgium's finest reef tank: We speak to Belgian reefkeeper Luc Loyen about his stunning reef aquarium and the new one he's planning to replace it with. Coral's worst nightmare: Meet the stunning Guinea fowl puffer, Arothron meleagris. Cardinal tetras: Everything you wanted to know about these popular little community fish.

Tried and Tested: The latest new product news and reviews, including two big exclusives: the new Fluval G external filter from Rolf C Hagen and the pricey OT2 LED light from Arcadia. Your letters: Air your views on the issues of the day and have a go at the crossword and the quiz. Seahorse conservation: Nicolette Craig speaks to seahorse experts Neil Garrick-Maidment and Dr Heather Koldewey about these threatened fishes.

Fish in the Shops: Your guide to the top shops and the fish you'll want to track down. Shoptour: Bedfordshire. We visit three shops, as recommended by you the readers. Interesting Imports: Matt Ford and Stefan van der Voort introduce some great new fish imports. Discoveries: Heiko Bleher highlights some more of his recent fish discoveries from around the world. Also on sale: Dealers show off some of their most recent fish imports.

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