Ceramic rocks and live rock substitutes from Aquaroche


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French ceramic company Aquaroche provide both aquascaping and biological filtering solutions for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

The products are produced from natural clay, and then formed into shapes including backgrounds, plates, pillars and individual rocks.

Aquaroche are suitable for those who want to create a different, more open rock structure design, but also those who want to substitute, complement are replace entirely live rock taken from the oceans.

"These porous ceramic rocks are not only a decor but also a complete ecosystem," Aquaroche told pet trade magazine Pet Product Marketing.

"Thanks to their specific properties, bacteria, micro-organisms, and baby fish find in our rocks a shelter adapted to each size."

"Aquariums with Aquaroche decors last for years, with a much better equilibrium than with resin products."

"In reef aquariums it's a real alternative to all live rock aquariums."

Product range

The range includes ceramic rocks, plates, thin and reef system backgrounds, eco reef plates, sculptured decorations and decor bases.

By using in conjunction with real live rocks these substitutes will quickly become seeded with bacteria, coraline algae and small critters and mature pieces may well look indistinguishable from the real thing.

Practical Fishkeeping magazine is set to feature these rocks both in a forthcoming in-depth feature looking at live rocks and live rock substitutes, and in a special, long term reef tank feature, shown step by step.

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