Caught on camera: Man steals $4000 worth of corals


A thief who struck in broad daylight at an aquatics store in Midvale, Utah in the USA stole over $4000 worth of corals from the display tank.

The man, who is seen ripping out large lumps of coral on the store's surveillance cameras, left a bucket outside the shop to transport the corals in.

The owner of Marine Aquatics, Jerry Ohrn thinks the thief knew which corals to take, because they were all more elite or higher-end pieces, and therefore were more expensive.

Ohrn told that rather than trying to sell them, the thief probably intends to use them for his own aquarium. He said it's not just about the money either - he's spent years growing the coral.

"These were some of the harder corals to keep, so the success rate after ripping them out, odds are he probably lost half of them in doing that," he said.

Ohrm is offering a reward, and is working with Midvale police to try and find the culprit. They can be contacted on 801-840-4000.

You can watch the news report, including the video from the surveillance camera below:

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