Catching up on new JBL products


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We all know it’s not been the easiest time for communications across businesses since April this year. Is there an e-mail sitting in an un-attended inbox? Has it been diverted? So I’m playing catch-up when telling you about three new products press released in May, from trusted German brand JBL.

An LED SOLAR CONTROL unit took it’s time to get to the market in the first place but now it’s here, what more control could you want for their SOLAR NATUR LED and SOLAR EFFECT RGB lights?

JBL say “Yes, it took too long - a big apology from the JBL team to all dealers and to all aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts! There were hurdles such as the WiFi authorities and the complexity of implementing real climate data from South America and Africa. But now it’s done: every JBL LED SOLAR light can now copy the climate data of the biotopes (with clouds, thunderstorms, sunrise and sunset), create beautiful scaping lighting, show goldfish in their best light, acclimatise plants to better (and stronger) LED lighting conditions and of course all this can be set manually, too!

The device consists of a receiver which is used instead of the infrared receiver included in the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR set. Its intuitively simple operation is carried out via smartphone. Let the biotope appropriate LED light operation begin...

Staying indoors, a nifty piece of pipe work is here to make the lives of aquarists that little bit easier – much easier in some situations. Quickly and easily disconnecting filter pipes, waterchange pipes or any other flexible pipework is now on the cards – as is quickly and easily reconnecting them with the DOUBLE STOPCOCK + COUPLING fitting.

“Almost every aquarium enthusiast has water hoses on such technical equipment as external filters, UV-C water clarifiers, external heaters or ion exchange units. Only 17 cm long, quick-release couplings are designed to remove these devices from the hose feeds for cleaning or maintenance. They block the water flow and can be easily disconnected so that the technical equipment can be removed safely and simply. After installation, the water resumes its flow as soon as you open the integrated stopcocks. The quick-release couplings are available for both 12/16 and 16/22 hoses” says JBL.

The new JBL PROPOND STAPLE has also been available since May. You might have been feeding it since but it’s probably time to put it away now. It’s one to remember for next season, if you haven’t come across it, now the temperatures of our ponds are on the way down.   

JBL say “With the new JBL PROPOND STAPLE granulated food you can feed your pond fish with high-quality food all year round! Healthy salmon and spirulina algae in the right protein/fat ratio will ensure that your fish remain healthy and resistant to disease even in changeable spring and autumn temperatures, not to mention in hot summers. Pond fish only need special winter food (which can be digested quickly and without draining their strength in the cold) at temperatures between 5 and 15 °C. JBL PROPOND STAPLE is available in two granulate sizes: 3 mm (S) and 6 mm (M). In addition to the small 4.3 kg bags, size M is also available in the very popular, 11 kg large bags”.