Caribsea launches new Instant Aquarium substrates


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American substrate specialist CaribSea, have sent Practical Fishkeeping the first samples of their new gravel range.

Called Instant Aquarium, the seven types of sand and gravel claim to be confidence in a bag, producing not just a good-looking substrate but also cycling new aquariums, making them instantly ready for the introduction of new fish.

The Instant Aquarium line offers a variety of natural gravels and sands, water packed with living water purifying bacteria, state of the art clarifier, and a complete conditioner, it states on the Caribsea website. Tap water is all you need to get started.

The new products, available in 4.5 kg and 9.1 kg bag sizes, claim to immediately start the cycling process, eliminating new tank syndrome, and discouraging nuisance algaes.

Along with the wet-packed substrates you also get a set each of a clarifier and dechlorinator which Caribsea state detoxifies metals, eliminates ammonia, neutralizes chlorine and chloramines, and provides a protective slime coat for stressed fish. It even claims to reduce nitrates and nitrites.

Live substrates are not new to the aquarium market, as Caribsea is one of the companies who led the way in introducing live marine substrates including Ocean-Direct and Arag-Alive.

However, live freshwater substrates are much less common, and the range of seven different grain sizes and colours could become a big hit with those wanting a natural look.

Practical Fishkeeping will be testing Instant Aquarium and will report its findings in a future issue of the magazine.