Can you help find Elvis?


Thieves have stolen around 80 fish from a lily pond at Biddulph Grange Garden in Staffordshire, including the star attraction: a Koi called Elvis.

It's thought that the fish, some of which are 60 years old, were stolen to order and some of them could be worth thousands of pounds.

The haul included 20 Koi and Mirror carp and up to 50 Golden orfe. Among them was a rather distinctive Koi, christened Elvis because of his upturned lip, and weighing in at 15lb.

The fish are a major tourist attraction at the National Trust property, with families coming to hand-feed them.

Staff discovered the theft after finding a fishing line and hook by the side of the pool - fishing is not allowed in the pond. It's thought the thieves gained access to the site by climbing over a fence or gate at night.

The National Trust is now considering installing CCTV cameras at the site.

Police have asked anyone with information about the theft to call 101.

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