Bubbling bum makes a cheeky Christmas gift!


Looking for an unusual Christmas present for a fishkeeper? This cheeky aquarium ornament is apparently a best-seller in Sweden, but we think it's sure to raise a smile in any country!

The Bubbling Bum from Rosewood Pet Products costs just £3.99. This air-operated ornament makes the perfect gift for new or young fishkeepers - or is a guaranteed way to wind up your way-too-serious fishkeeping other half. Buy one and set it up in their prized fish tank, then sit back and enjoy their horrified reaction. Priceless!

And just in case you're lacking in imagination, here's a video of the bubbling butt in action:



There are plenty more (less flatulent!) ideas for gifts in the Christmas issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine, which goes on sale on November 24.