Britain's oldest goldfish loses lifelong tankmate


A goldfish, believed to be one of the two oldest in Britain has died — leaving behind his tankmate of 35 years.

Splish and Splash were won at a funfair in Cheltenham back in 1977 by Richard and Ann Wright for their children — who are now in their 40's and have left home.

The two goldfish have been together ever since, spending the first 20 years in a bowl before Mr Wright moved them into an aquarium with a filter about ten years ago.

But sadly Splish died at the weekend, leaving his 35-year-old partner, Splash, to swim alone. Splash is now thought to be the oldest goldfish in Britain.

The world record holder for longevity in the goldfish world was Tish, who died in 2005 at the grand old age of 43.

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