Breaking news - no Aquatics Live 2013


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The organisers of the UK's aquatic consumer show have told PFK it won't go ahead this year.

"I just wanted to give you the heads up in advance of a general announcement that Aquatics Live 2013 won't be taking place in November," said show organiser Tom Spencer, of On Show Productions Ltd.

"We have some very interesting new exhibitors such as Brightwell from the US and Dennerle, and many of our regular supporters have given us verbal commitments, but sadly not enough companies have signed up in advance to generate an adequate cash flow."
"We are planning to organise the event again in 2014 but for now, and with regret, we are putting it on ice."

Lack of support
The UK does suffer from not having enough people attend its aquatic shows, where as in mainland Europe the aquatic show and event scene is very much alive and well, with some 30,000 people attending a show just for Discus.

Aquatics Live enjoyed visitor numbers of around 4000 after its initial launch in 2011 at London's Olympia, but getting enough companies to take paid-for stands for this year has proved too difficult.

Rival shows
PFK has heard of two consumer shows (not including The FBAS Festival of Fishkeeping,) which may rival, and may have taken marketing money out of the Aquatics Live pot.

The first is rumoured to be being held at the NEC, involving a major aquatic retailer and supported so far by some well known pond companies, and another is a potential consumer extension to a popular aquatic trade show.

Both shows are to be confirmed although several of PFK's advertisers have been approached and told about at least one of the above.

Not quite right
PFK was approached very early in the planning stages of the first Aquatics Live event in 2011, and the feedback from many of the suppliers who didn't attend in a paid-for-stand capacity, and potential hobbyist visitors, was that they thought the location in London was wrong.

Many hobbyists don't want the hustle and bustle of London, or the travel charges. Other hobbyists called for a much more central location in the Midlands, or even separate shows in the North and South.

Hobbyists are also used to being able to buy fish at shows, whereas this wasn't allowed at Aquatics Live.

For traders Olympia means expensive parking and expensive hotels for staff, so the extra costs on top of paying to take a stand itself may also have a bearing.

What's your view?
We want to know what you think about it. Are you a hobbyist or a trader, and did you attend previous Aquatics Live shows? If not, why not, or what would make a show just right for you? What would make you attend an aquatics show, and should PFK hold its own show?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.