Boyu launches new LED clip-on lighting


Chinese manufacturer Guangdong Boyu Group has launched a new clip-on LED aquarium light at the Interzoo 2010 trade show in Germany.

The Boyu Waterproof Clipped Light follows the same design as the many clip-on fluorescent lamps on the market by attaching to the rear glass of small nano and pico tanks via a clamp fitting, but are packed with dozens of LEDs rather than the usual power compact fluorescent lamp. 

The Waterproof Clipped Light can rotate through 360 degrees in the horizontal plane, as well as lifting vertically, making it quite versatile. 

As the name suggests, Boyu also claims that it's waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

The product has no UK distributor as yet, but Practical Fishkeeping reckons these products are going to be readily available individually and on Boyu and other systems in the near future.