Blue Planet makes point about giant fish


The Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire is using some unplanned additions to their livestock to make a big point.

Aiming to raise public awareness and demonstrate the potential size of some tank-busting aquarium fish, the aquarium has unveiled a new display containing some of the overgrown fish they have taken in from the public.

The Aquarium's new freshwater display " which includes Black pacu, Vundu catfish, Tiger shovelnoses and Red-tailed catfish " forms part of the nationwide Big Fish Campaign. The Blue Planet Aquarium says they receive over 80 calls a year from members of the public looking to re-home a fish that has outgrown its tank.

As well as showcasing some truly awesome fish, we re hoping this exhibit will also be a useful tool to help the public visualise the size a ~cute baby Pacu will grow to, exhibits manager Andrea Redfern told the Ellesmere Port Pioneer.

Alongside piranhas and plecs, pacus are among the most common fish to end up homeless when they outgrow their tank.