Bet you never thought Blobfish were this cuddly!


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The poor old Blobfish may have been voted the world's ugliest animal, but this soft and cuddly version is still incredibly cute.

The 60cm/24" plush toy is available from ThinkGeek and is described on its website as the 'Grumpy Cat of the Sea' which is 'super soft and needs a hug'.

ThinkGeek says: "It seems unfair to vote Blobfish as "the world's ugliest animal" based on what they look like when we dredge them up from their natural habitat, over 2,000ft underwater. It doesn't look like this at its proper depth. Plus, if the Blobfish took us down to its level, we wouldn't just be ugly. We'd be dead.

"So we're going to call this Blobfish, proper name Psychrolutes marcidus, "cute." That's the least we can do after pulling it up half a mile from its home and pointing and laughing at it. After all that maybe it could use a little hug?"

The cuddly Blobfish costs $39.99 (around £24) plus postage and is available from ThinkGeek.

The poll to find the world's most visually unappealing animal was part of an online competition conducted by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which is dedicated to raising the profile of some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically-challenged endangered creatures.

The Blobfish won by almost 10,000 votes to beat the Kakapo (a flightless parrot from New Zealand), the Axolotl — which came third — and the rather interestingly-named Scrotum frog, and will now become the official mascot of the Society. All the animals on the shortlist face threats to their habitats.

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