Bespoke cabinets from Aquarium Cabinet Solutions


Aquarium Cabinet Solutions (ACS) are a new company specialising in bespoke cabinets for aquariums.

ACS came into the PFK offices recently to drop off a cabinet that we ordered for a feature, and to show us just what he could do.

The company's background is in top-end kitchen designing and when installing kitchens and speaking to clients who wanted a high-end cabinet to match, he could see there was a gap in the market.


ACS showed PFK a huge colour swatch from German board manufacturer Egger, ranging from wood to matt to gloss finishes and in over 200 colours.

Bespoke features can include soft close doors, using Blum components, edged panels to stop water ingress and lacquered or even acrylic panels.

A colour matching service is offered that can even match a car or motorbike colour if desired, including two tone and spray gloss.

The metal frame cabinets looked interesting as they won't bow or warp over time like wooden cabinets can, and every panel can be removed and changed if you want a totally different look or colour in a few years time.

Any size and style can be made including circles, bow fronts and cylinders and even wall mounted floating aquariums.

Existing ranges include Traditional, Minimal, Modern and Sit-in along with five hood designs up to 200mm high to mask halides and with pneumatic gas stays if desired.

PFK ordered a black gloss minimalist custom cabinet to use for some forthcoming step- by-step features. For more info and prices ask your retailer for ACS cabinets.