(Bad) YouTube video of the week: How not to keep big fish


This video is a wonderful example of how not to keep fish. Some of the species in this tank are majestic, striking and stunning in their own right, yet they are also some of the world's largest freshwater fish, if not the largest, like the Pirarucu, Arapaima gigas.

Don't get me wrong, 2300 gal. is a massive aquarium. Many of the species in it would be more than happy in there, like the Cichla, Tilapia buttikoferi and the Distichodus, but why then put so many fish in there that it resembles a can of sardines, and why then completely bust its dimensions by stocking fish that can actually outgrow it?

I prey that tank never gets a prolonged powercut, and I'm not alone in my disappointment when viewing as the video has already received almost twice as many "dislikes" as it has "likes".

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