Are you feeding your pond fish the right food?


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 Feeding a high quality diet will result in healthier, more colourful fish.  Feeding a high quality diet will result in healthier, more colourful fish. 
Are you feeding your pond fish the right food?

Feeding a high quality diet will result in healthier, more colourful fish. 

Japan’s leading manufacturer of fish food, Hikari, explains the importance of feeding your pond fish not only a high quality diet, but also one that's right for the time of year.

The nutritional requirements of the fish in your pond change throughout the year. During the warmer summer months’ fish are more active and metabolism is at its highest. This is the time to feed a high quality protein diet such as Hikari Staple or Hikari Gold. 

As the temperature starts to drop and Autumn sets in, the pond water will cool down and the fish’s metabolism will slow down. When the water temperature is between 10 and 15°C you should mix a high protein diet with a wheat-germ based food such as Hikari Wheat-Germ Formula. When the temperature of the water drops below 10°C you should feed only a wheat germ based diet.

Going into Spring you should reverse the process, starting with a wheat germ based diet, then combine wheat germ and protein and when the water temperature hits 16⁰C a high protein diet only.

Hikari pond foods are made from the finest quality ingredients and contain all of the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements required to maintain and enhance the beauty and health of ornamental pond fish.

Available in small (3.5mm to 4mm), medium (5.0 to 5.5mm) and large (8.0 to 9.0mm) pellet sizes and pack sizes of 500g, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg, Hikari pond foods are high in stabilised vitamin C, helping to optimise immune system health and provide a natural defence against infection and disease.

The range includes Staple, Gold and Wheat-Germ Formula.

Hikari Staple is a time proven daily diet which promotes healthy, strong and consistent growth rates and desirable form. The unique balance of ingredients supports immune system health while helping maintain excellent water quality. This floating diet should be fed when the water temperature is 12°C or above.

Hikari Gold is an exceptional quality diet for daily feeding, providing outstanding colour enhancing properties and excellent growth rates. Hikari Gold offers carefully balanced nutrition to keep fish healthy and full of energy and should be fed when the water temperature is 15°C or above. 

Hikari Gold now has improved colour enhancing ability due to an enhanced spirulina content and the addition of a new ingredient, krill. It is made using carefully selected spirulina which is high in zeaxanthin, a form of carotenoid which is metabolised by Koi. The green colour changes the vivid red of the hiban.

Hikari Wheat-Germ Formula is a highly digestible daily diet for feeding when the water temperature is 5°C or above. The use of the innermost portion of the wheat germ kernel offers a higher concentration of beneficial vitamin E and amino acids Koi can readily utilise while the added vitamin and minerals help support immune system health and increased energy reserves. The high feed efficiency makes this the perfect diet for year round feeding when improvement of the shiroji is desired and faster growth and colour enhancement is not required.

For more information about Hikari pond foods or to find your nearest stockist visit