Arcadia launches Eco-Aqua LED lighting


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Lighting manufacturer Arcadia have released a new range of LED lamps.

"Designed from the outset to provide the same spectacular colour rendition as Arcadia fluorescent lamps, the new Eco-Aqua lamps blend multiple coloured LED sources, bringing out the vivid iridescent colours of fish and providing far more natural colour rendering than other LED lamps," say Arcadia.

"Unlike fluorescent lamps, whose even light distribution can flatten the look of an aquarium, the multiple point sources of the Eco-Aqua lamps create light and shadow giving a dramatic three-dimensional look to the aquarium with far more visual impact."

"The Eco-Aqua LED lamps are available in three colours; Daylight – which provides spectacular natural colour rendition with a high (>8K) colour temperature equally suited for Freshwater or Marine aquariums,"

"Tropical – a warm colour that enhances the red colours of fish and plants without flattening the iridescent blues of many tropical fish,"

"And Marine Blue – which combines deep blue, light blue and violet LEDs for a spectacular actinic moonlight colour, ideal for marine or freshwater aquariums."

40% less energy consumption

"Using LED technology significantly reduces lighting energy consumption; with Eco-Aqua lamps a saving of 40% is typical compared to the equivalent T8 lamp and ballast."

"The long average lifespan of 50,000 hours eliminates the need for regular lamp changes, meaning that a simple Eco-Aqua lamp can outlast the rest of the equipment in the aquarium (up to ten years normal use), further reducing your carbon footprint."

"Eco-Aqua Lamps are sized to replace existing T8 lamps – they are slightly shorter, to enable them to fit between the lamp holders of an existing fitting (or they can fit into the lamp holders with the optional adapter),"

"And are supplied complete with a set of fixing clips for mounting to an aquarium hood or frame. Six lengths are available ranging from 384mm to 1147mm."

"Complying with the latest aquarium safety standards the lamp is waterproof to IP67 and its low voltage design further increases safety. The lamp is supplied with a 2m lead and a remote mains driver."


• Multiple coloured light sources provide a more natural ‘three dimensional’ appearance
• Sized to replace T8 fluorescent lamps
• Available in six sizes to suit the majority of freshwater and marine aquariums
• Low energy consumption
• Long life span (average of 50,000 hours normal use)
• Reduced carbon footprint – uses less electricity than T8 lamps and will last between 2-3 times as long
• Contains no mercury
• 2 Year Guarantee

Eco-Aqua LED Accessories

• T8 lamp holder adapter clips
• Aquarium mounting brackets, which allow multiple lamp installations