Arcadia launch new OT2-LED T5 and LED hybrid marine pendant


After much anticipation, aquarium lighting company Arcadia are to release a brand new lighting unit.

Named the OT2-LED, the new light combines the slimline profile of the existing OT2 luminaire with six linear T5 tubes and a row of LED panels down the middle.

The new unit offers "The flexibility and performance of T5 lighting, with ripple, light and shadow from LEDs." According to Arcadia.

Features include slim design at only 40mm high, six dimmable T5 lamps and a number of dimmable LED panels with optional dimming control. It also comes with a two year guarantee.

LED panels

The LED panels have 4 cool white, 8500k and 4 Deep blue, 450nm LEDs. The panels use 8 x CREE XRE LEDs run at 700mA, with a total power consumption of 20W per panel.

Lenses are said to be "highly optically efficient and designed specifically for use with CREE LEDs by one of the leading LED lens manufacturers."

The units also boast: "Unique LED lens pattern for even light distribution while optimising ripple," and a large central heatsink which Arcadia say ensures LED panels are run at optimal temperature for long operating life " typically 50,000 hours. The panels are service replaceable for upgrades.

The six T5 fluorescent lamps are in two dimmable groups, 4 lamps and 2 lamps.

Dimming controller

The controller has four individually controlled channels. As a default these are 4x T5 Lamps (outer lamps in each wing,) 2x T5 Lamps (inner lamps in each wing,) white LEDs and blue LEDs.

This say Arcadia "gives incredible levels of control allowing the aquarist to blend two different coloured T5 lamps."

It also makes it possible to create automated sunrise and sunset patterns, create moonlight effects that mimic the lunar cycle, and cloud cover effect adds "visual interest and simulates natural conditions and reduce energy consumption by running T5 lights at a level appropriate to the size and depth of the tank."

The cherry on the top is a link to a PC via USB for easier programming and firmware updates.


The units will be made in three lengths - 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm, and with marine spectrum T5 and LED.

They are set to come with suspension wires for fitting though unconfirmed reports suggest that the standard OT2 "legs" will also be suitable for fitting the luminaire to aquariums.

Prices: Full details on the entire range will be available shortly, but as an illustrative guide, the RRP of a 1.2m OT2 LED with 6x54w T5 lamps and 5x LED panels will be 1,500.00, with the dimming controller available for an additional 159.99.

Available: November 2009