Aquatics Live tickets - on sale now!


Tickets for the new Aquatics Live show have just gone on sale. Judging by all the excitement we've seen on forums on Facebook, take-up is going to be fast and high, so don't hang about!

The Aquatics Live show takes place at London’s Olympia from November 19-20 and a lot of big aquatic names are going to be there, including Tetra, JBL, Eheim, Dennerle, Reef One and Maidenhead Aquatics – just to name a few. It promises to be a great day out for newcomers and seasoned fishkeepers alike.

The Clubs and Associations Pavilion will feature FBAS and many national organisations, which will have their own stands. They will act as a point of contact for existing members and hopefully sign-up a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

George Farmer and Dan Crawford from UKAPS have been working closely with the organisers to develop the aquascaping activities. These will include

  • a 10-tank competition
  • a UKAPS stand with its own displays by skilled members
  • the opportunity for visitors to design their own aquascapes with help and advice from the experts
  • a junior zone where youngsters can create their own underwater worlds under the guidance of UKAPS designers

Shrimp expert Chris Lukhaup will be joining George and Dan on the stand as a competition judge and there’s no doubt the world-famous aquatic explorer Heiko Bleher won’t be able to resist putting his head round the corner!

And talking of Heiko he’ll be presenting his own seminars both for beginners in the morning and experts in the afternoon, as will Chris Lukhaup.

They’ll both be on the panel for Q and A sessions at the end of each day, alongside other presenters such as PFK editor Jeremy Gay and Tetra’s Rupert Bridges.

Heiko will also be signing books on the Aquapress stand!

Tickets can be bought in advance for £7.50. Tickets purchased on the day cost £10.

You can apply for tickets now at the Aquatics Live website.

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