Aquariums as an art form


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An exhibition using aquariums as an art form is creating storms of interest in Japan.

The Aquarium Art Exhibition at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo features aquarium of all shapes and sizes and boasts over 1,000 goldfish.

The tanks, which include prisms, triangular tanks, spheres, waterfalls and tanks decorated with lamps have drawn large crowds since they opened last month but may have experienced aquarists raising an eyebrow at stocking numbers and conditions.

The exhibition was set up by Hidetomo Kimura as part of Kimura Intech who claims: "Combining his rich experience with ornamental fish and knowledge of aquarium technology with art, design, and interior, Kimura creates the world's only Art Aquarium".

Previously the designer has held 'Sky Aquarium' exhibitions which drew crowds of 750,000 in just 240 days and aquarium art exhibition of just goldfish-‘Kingyo’ which in 2010 attracted 30,000 people in just two weeks.

Kimura hopes to bring his art aquarium exhibitions to Europe as well as some of his more unusual design ideas such as the sofa aquarium, bed aquarium and Swarovsky crystal aquariums.

The exhibition runs until September 12.

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