Aquariums are the subject of two new TV series


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Huge, wild and whacky – those are words that could be all be used to sum up the aquariums featured in two new TV shows that start this spring.

In a new 20-episode season of Tanked, which began on Animal Planet in the US on Saturday April 14, aquarium builders Wayde King and Brett Raymer make crazy dream tanks a reality for their fish-loving clients, with the first episode featuring a creative shark aquarium and a refrigerator tank complete with water dispenser.

Other tanks that will feature this season include:

  • A jellyfish tank for a sub-freezing bar at the Monte Carlo
  • A working pinball machine tank
  • A 650 gallon headboard tank
  • A mobile school bus tank
  • A giant nail polish dryer fish tank for a manicure salon
  • A refrigerator tank with a functional water dispenser
  • A tank that incorporates the KISS band logo

"We’ve had our share of crazy requests over the years, but some of the tanks we are building this season are really beyond anything we’ve done before, which is really exciting for us," says Wayde King, CEO, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. "The sheer size and complexity of some of these tanks is mind-boggling and when we reveal them to the clients and to the audience, I think they will be astonished at what we’ve created."

On May 12, another TV show featuring aquariums begins on the Nat Geo WILD channel. Called "Fish Tank Kings", companies featured in this six-episode series include Lauderdale's Living Color Aquariums, which built the tanks at the new Miami Marlins baseball stadium.

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