Aquarium visitor tries to snatch baby stingray


A public aquarium in Weston-Super-Mare has installed CCTV cameras after a visitor tried to help himself to a baby stingray.

The man was spotted by another visitor with both of his arms in the tank, trying to catch one of the freshwater stingrays, but when staff went across to investigate, he had fled.

SeaQuarium Manager Christopher Donkin commented: "We are continuously creating exhibits which are open aired, letting our visitors get even closer, but you have to draw the line somewhere with the ‘hands on’ experience."

He said that while the stingrays are only babies and still very small, they can still inflict a nasty sting — hence warnings on the exhibit not to touch them. "Anyone trying to take one home would be in for a bit of a surprise!" he said.

The baby stingrays are on loan to the aquarium from Bristol Zoo until they are grown.

Staff at the aquarium have increased their walk rounds and CCTV has been installed in case the would-be stingray thief returns.

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