Aquarium Systems release new Black and Krill pellet diets


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I’m catching up a bit here still, these foods have been available since July but that’s 2020 for you.

Both are soft pellets, 1.5mm and rich in easily digestible proteins.

The Black pellets are a colour enhancing herbivore diet. Aquarium Systems say “A complete feed for all tropical and marine fish and invertebrates. They contain natural astaxanthin, for support of colouring. A dark colour for feed intake control”.

Ingredients: Herring meal, plant protein, krill meal, fish hydrolysate, spirulina, salmon oil and natural astaxanthin.

Analysis: Crude protein 50%, crude fat, 9.5%crude ash 7%, moisture 5%, crude fibre 1.1%.

The new Krill pellet is a feed for Omnivores. “Complete fish food, for all tropical and marine fish species. Antarctic krill, rich in antioxidants and support of natural colouring” state Aquarium Systems.

Ingredients: Krill meal, Herring meal, Peas, Brewer’s yeast, wheat, shrimp hydrolysate, kelp and garlic.

Analysis: Crude protein 44%, crude ash 11.3%, crude fat 8.8%, moisture 7%, crude fibre 2.7%.

Black pellets and krill pellets from Aquarium Systems are available in 60g and 55g respectively, both with a RRP of £4.99.