AquaHydrotech to re-brand Extract of Barley Straw


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UK pond treatment manufacturer AquaHydrotech has announced that it is to re-brand its products to emphasise their eco-credentials.

The company's Extract of Barley Straw liquid treatment, which has just received approval from the Health and Safety Executive, is designed to be an alternative to traditional chemical treatments.

Along with other barley straw based products, AquaHydrotech's Extract of Barley Straw was previously in an uncertain position, but the company says that the approval now puts an end to the questions over whether it contravened pesticides legislation.

Barley straw
Francis Saunders, AquaHydrotech's technical director, told Practical Fishkeeping: "The issue of whether processed straw based algae treatments require registration has historically been unclear, with the UK having different requirements from the rest of Europe.

"We are delighted that a decision has now been made that enables gardeners, landscapers and organisations that manage large bodies of water to confidently use AquaHydrotech Extract of Barley Straw, a simple and practical liquid version of the traditional solution to algae control."

The Extract of Barley Straw product is soon to be re-launched under the Ecopond brand.

The company said that the brand name "helps communicate to customers that all our products are eco-friendly."

It added: "Other changes to our labelling will support the eco-friendly message, and customers will still easily recognise their favourite AquaHydrotech products in store."