AquaFX to launch brighter LEDs


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UK lighting manufacturer AquaFX are to release a brighter version of their LED lighting system.

The new FX500 model incorporates improved LEDs to provide up to 20% better illumination, while still providing the same range of user-defined colours.
Due for release in late February, the updated model will still offer the option of soft fading of light levels via an automatic timer, to simulate sunrise and sunset, as well as a soft blue moon mode to replicate the night sky.
The new model will still have a remote control to allow changes to be made from a distance and is expected to retail at £199.99.

The controller is capable of running up to two FX500 LED tubes and an additional tube will be available for £99.99.
Look out for a long term review of the new model in a future issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine.