Aquaforest products come to Evolution Aqua


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Evolution Aqua has announced its new collaboration with the well-respected marine salt and supplements brand Aquaforest.

Through extensive research conducted at their own coral farm, the Aquaforest product line-up is a complete care programme, even for the most demanding coral species, by maintaining water chemistry, managing nutrient levels, and by providing the correct food. 

Owned and run by avid coral culturists and reef divers, Aquaforest is manufactured in the EU, under the strictest laboratory conditions, and is fully ICP OES tested. The Aim? To create natural seawater conditions in the home marine aquarium, where even the most delicate of sps corals will thrive. 

Reefkeepers can now choose from a range of three Aquaforest salts, each one engineered to match the exacting needs of fish, soft or hard corals, then maintain them successfully long term by way of Aquaforest’s own Probiotic bacteria, micro and macro nutrients, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

Aquaforest is available nationwide, in the UK and Ireland, via all Evolution Aqua stockists.

More info: Visit or speak to your nearest Evolution Aqua retailer.