Aquadistri unveils more value products


Aquadistri has launched several new fishkeeping products.

One of the new innovations is Aquadistri’s pressurised CO2 system – the smallest of its type we’ve seen. This complete kit is suitable for nanos aquariums up to 50 l/11 gal. Including a CO2 cylinder, pressure regulator, stand, air hose and diffuser, the cylinder can be used both hanging on to the aquarium as well as free standing. The CO2 cylinder is disposable, and the whole thing comes at a bargain price of just over £25.

Aquadistri has also introduced 3D one-piece structured backgrounds. Fix them with silicone, let it 'go off' for 24 hours and you have an instant backdrop. They are great for nanos and are available in four sizes.Buy the box on its own or in a kit complete with air pump, airline and non-return valve.

The new 50w nano heater from Aquadistri is just 17cm/6.7” long, which, the company says, is perfect for fitting in smaller aquariums. Features include temperature control on top for precise setting, a sensitive and a reliable thermostat maintaining uniform temperature. A compact heating element is supplied with 1.5m/5’ of cable for easy installation and there’s a two-year warranty.

New to the range is an easy breeding trap to hold small, pregnant livebearers and their young. It hangs on to the aquarium wall like a hang-on filter and, even better, circulates fresh water to the adult and youngsters via an air powered circulation system.

Another new product called Bactuur gel can be added directly to your filter media to make an instant suitable home for the included live, beneficial bacteria. It’s now available in a 30ml sachet.