Aquadip offers enriched live Artemia


Dutch company Aquadip is now offering live brineshrimp that have been enriched with additional ingredients to make them more nutritious to fish.

Aquadip told Practical Fishkeeping that it developed a formula for enriching its live Artemia 15 years ago.

Since then, the formula, which includes omega-3 fatty acids, has been updated with the latest addition being the antioxidant and natural colour enhancer astaxanthin.

Aquadip said: "Brineshrimps are an important food source for seahorses. For young seahorses, we offer nauplii, the juvenile stage of the brineshrimp which are enriched with fatty acids.

"The adult shrimps are packed in 100ml,150ml and 200ml ready-for-sale bags and the baby ones in 80ml bags all delivered on a weekly basis to UK retailers."