Apteronotus mariae and jurubidae


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A new study of some nominal forms of apteronotid knifefishes from South America has resulted in a redescription of one species.

Carlos David de Santana and Javier Maldonado-Ocampo studied Sternarchus mariae and Sternarchus jurubidae, two species described from the Trans-Andean region of Colombia.

The study revealed issues in the original description of mariae, which led to the species being redescribed, as well as an in-depth evaluation of the status of jurubidae.

For more details see: Redescription of Apteronotus mariae (Eigenmann & Fisher, 1914) and the taxonomic status of Apteronotus jurubidae (Fowler, 1944) (Gymnotiformes: Apternotodae). Zootaxa, 632: 1-14.