Anti-social behaviour forces closure of aquatic shop


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An aquatic store in Exeter is to close at the end of April because local authorities have failed to tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour in the area, its owners claim.

Kerstin and Richard Muggeridge announced the closure of Richard's Aquatics in Market Street through their Facebook account.

The shop has been trading for almost 20 years, but following a series of incidents caused by troublemakers in the area, the decision has been made to close the shop. 

The statement on Facebook reads: "The rise of internet shopping and fish being sold from 'garage traders', has put pressure on an industry that has seen its costs rising in recent years.

"2015 saw an increase in anti social behaviour in the surrounding area of our shop which included our front windows being shot at (gun shots) and on one occasion windows being shattered by a 'human head'. Despite our reports to Exeter city council and the police, little action has been taken by them. This has made at times many of our customers and staff feeling threatened while coming to the shop.

"We are now running a closing down sale for the remaining stock and shop fittings.

"We would like to thank all our customers for their business over the last two decades and wish everyone the best for the future."

Kerstin and Richard will continue to run their two other shops. These are located at Willowbrook Garden Centre in nearby Wellington and at Binford Place in Bridgwater.