Animal rights group calls for aquarium cafes to remove fish from the menu


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Serving seafood at a public aquarium is like 'serving monkey nuggets at a zoo' says PETA, in a letter to some of the UK's leading public aquariums.

The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire and The Deep in Hull all received letters from the animal rights group, asking them to remove fish from the menu in their cafes, in favour of vegetarian options such as faux-fish cakes.

The letter, which PETA says is written on behalf of 'all the fish in the sea' says: "after inviting people to look on these glorious, fascinating animals in awe, it's odd that your cafe then invites people to stick a fork in them."

But the aquariums say that the fish they serve is sustainably sourced.

Dr David Gibson, managing director of the National Marine Aquarium, said serving fish doesn’t compromise its position as a marine conservation charity.

"We work to educate consumers and our visitors on the importance of eating fish and seafood that has been sourced in a sustainable way, to help nurture a sympathetic understanding of our oceans," he said.

"All fish and seafood served in the aquarium cafe is ethically sourced and MSC compliant.

"We have a robust purchasing policy in place that is proactive in sustainable and seasonal fish, ensuring we maintain the highest levels of sustainable fish sourcing practices possible."

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