Anglers praised for releasing 'largest' shark


Two sea anglers caught and then released what may have been the largest shark ever caught in British waters.

The Porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus) was caught just a few hundred yards from the shore of Cornwall by Wayne Comben and Graeme Pullen from Hampshire.

It was estimated to be around 3m/10' in length, and weighing about 250kg/550lb.

The two men were praised by conservationists for releasing the shark, which would have had to be killed and weighed on shore in order to claim the official record, which stands at 229kg/507lb.

But instead of doing this, they legally tagged the shark and released it.

It had taken the two men 90 minutes to reel in the shark as it dragged their boat for more than a mile.

Mr Pullen said: "I've never in my life seen something as aggressive. I have done tagging all around the world...I have never seen one as charged up and excited as this one.

"I consider myself privileged to see such a sight, as does Wayne."

Dr David Gibson of the National Marine Aquarium told the BBC: "With an animal listed as vulnerable and under such immense pressure as the Porbeagle, it would be morally unethical to kill it.

"It's great it's been released and contributes to greater scientific knowledge."

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