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Up for an evening of snacks, drinks and shrimp? Then July 6 at the Aquatic Design Centre could be just the thing you're after.

Featuring a collusion between the Aquarium Design Centre and shrimp retailer Lucas Witte-Vermeulen of Sharnbrook Shrimp, there will be a huge amount of both new and familiar varieties available, including Taiwan Bees, King Kongs, Blue Bolts, Blue Jellies, Gold-eyed Blue Tigers, Red Sakuras, Cherries, Blue Rilis, Royal Blue Tigers, Black Sakuras, Crystal Reds, Crystal Blues, Oranges, Yellows and more!

Experts will be on hand to answer any shrimp related questions you might have, and a number of nano tanks will be brimming with new and exciting strains to buy.

The event will also be supported by a large range of shrimp keeping dry goods, including the introduction of the new official Mosura line of products.

To add to the informal air, some food and drink will also be laid on, So starting at 6pm you’ll be able to indulge in a comfy, invertebrate heavy evening for all.

The Aquatic Design Centre can be found at 109 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 6QG.

For further details either contact the store on 0207 5806764, or email them on You can also visit their website at www.aquatic