An easy way to test for ammonia


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An easy way to test for ammonia


An undetected build up of ammonia in the pond is one of the fishkeepers' greatest fears, but there's now a simple way to monitor levels of this toxin.

AquaHydrotech is launching Easy Test Ammonia - a simple dip-stick test kit measuring levels of total ammonia in pond water.

The kit is aimed at everyone from experienced Koi keepers needing a fast, daily troubleshooting test, to the new fishkeeper wanting a simple introduction to water testing.

The pack contains 25 strips and retails for 12.90, making the cost per test a fairly high 52p.

Besides the Easy Test Ammonia, AquaHydrotech now offers Easy Test 5 which includes tests for pH, KH, GH, nitrite and nitrate.

The Easy Test 5 also includes 25 strips and costs 9.05, making the total cost per test a more cost effective 7p.

Penny pinching PFK readers will no doubt be well aware that you can half costs with these test strip kits by slicing the strips in half longitudinally.

For more details contact AquaHydrotech on 01295 273676.