Algarde launches new Aqua Optic nanos


Aquarium product wholesaler Algarde has launched new 22 and 57 litre nano aquariums and stands.

The Aqua Optic 30 aquarium measures 34 x 32 x 39cm and holds around 22 litres before displacement, while the similar looking Aqua Optic 60 measures 41 x 53 x 47cm and holds around 57 litres prior to decorating.

Similar to many of the other imported Chinese cubes on the market, the Aqua Optic aquariums have a curved front glass, a silver plastic base and a hinged hood with lift-up feeding flap.

The hood of the Aqua Optic 30 contains a single 11W compact fluorescent light, while the larger Aqua Optic 60 packs in a 24W PL lamp.

No heating is supplied, but each tank comes with a small internal power filter.

The tanks come with a two-year guarantee and retail for 59.99 and 99.99 respectively. The stands retail for 49.99 and 59.99.