ALF launch new Sicce CO2 Life systems.


Aquatics wholesaler ALF have sent details of a new CO2 unit range.

"This new fertilization system without bottle and others external tools is provided with a carbon cartridge which ensures a constant release of carbon dioxide for electrolysis." They say.

"It won t cause sudden changes of pH in the aquarium."

"CO2 Life is available in 2 models: one for aquariums from 40 L to 150L (Life 1) " the other for aquariums from 100L to 250L (Life 2)."

"Each is adjustable according to the requirements of the user, increasing or decreasing the CO2 release."

"The carbon cartridge needs to be changed every 2/4 months depending on the aquarium characteristics and dimensions."

"CO2 Life is easy to install and regulate; it is extremely compact and won t disturb the general look of the aquarium from outside"

"It can be positioned vertically by its suction cups or anywhere behind plants or stones."

The Sicce CO2 Life 1 retails for 64.99. The Life 2 sells for 10 more, at 74.99.

Replacement carbon cartidges are 21.49 and 24.99 respectively.