ALF launch new Reef Max plug and play marine aquarium


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Aquatic wholesale company ALF have launched a new all in one marine tank called the Reef MAX.

A plug-and-play marine tank, the set up is said to include everything you require for a nano marine set-up.


It is 60 cm wide by 40cm by 45cm with a display volume of 80L. The filtration and treatment centre is hidden behind the background and brings the total volume up to 105L.

There is said to be full marine filtration, consisting of a protein skimmer with comb filter, and biological trickling filter with Bio Filter Baskets. Dense combs are said to protect the intake guaranteeing the safety of fish and other animals.

The bio filtration baskets are filled with bioballs and the protein skimmer is equipped with an "efficiency regulation system," a form of a control which allows you to increase or decrease the speed of generating foam.

It comes equipped with a capacious container that requires emptying only every few days, according to the supplier.

There is a 100 watt Easy Heater included. Lighting in the hood consists of 3 x 24W T5 fluorescent lamps and an LED moonlight for night lighting.

Temperature in the hood is controlled by a an integrated cooling fan system and a glass screen further isolates the water surface from the direct heat of the lights.

Independent control timers control the three T5 fluorescent lamps built in to the hood. This also controls the operation of the 5 hood cooling fans measured by a sensor.

The operating temperature can be determined by the user.

"The Reef MAX has been created to combine ease-of-use with expert performance. It incorporates all the technology required to maintain and grow a healthy reef system, including corals and a range of invertebrates such as echinoderms, crustacea, molluscs etc.." Say the manufacturer.

The RRP is 477.99. A matching cabinet is also available, which retails for 99.99