ALF launch new range of Neo heaters


Aquatic wholesaler ALF have launched a new range of aquarium heaters.

"The Neoheater range is a unique series of unbreakable aquarium heaters with highly accurate microprocessor thermostatic control and built in electronic thermometers." Say ALF.

"They feature an easy to set ~one touch system, and have a signalling system to let you know when the set temperature has been surpassed. There are LED indicators, and each size of heater will cover a temperature range of 17C to 36C."

"Most striking is the flat design with a circle of LEDs, indicating the temperature. Each is just 9mm thick, which enables the heater to be placed against the wall of the aquarium."

"Its operation is exceptionally simple and can be performed using only one button placed on the heater top. After connecting it to the power supply it is enough to set the desired temperature by pressing the button. The temperature will be indicated by lighting an LED."

"After a short period, lighting of all the diodes confirms the setting of a new temperature. Except for the diode indicating the temperature desired in the aquarium, another one will be lit as well - indicating current water temperature."

"If it is lower than the set temperature, the LED will blink slowly showing that the heater is operating."

"On the other hand if the water temperature in the tank is higher than the one set (e.g. during heat waves), the LED indicating it will blink very quickly to warn of the possibility of overheating the aquarium water."

"Additionally they are equipped with a thermal switch that protects the device from overheating in case of leaving it out of the water."

"Their usage is not restricted to aquariums - thanks to very durable construction they can be used in aquariums, pools etc with turtles and other reptiles."

Model sizes are 25watt, 50w, 75w, 100w, 150w and 200w

Prices range from 21.99 to 24.99