Albino crab to go on display


A rare albino crab is to go on display at a public aquarium in the USA.

The albino Dungeness crab, Cancer magister, was caught last week by John Moir and is due to go on display at the Newport Aquarium.

According to The World, the crab has spent the past week being kept alive and well in a tank at Seahawk Seafood.

George Paynter, owner of Seahawk Seafood told The World: "I got one call from somebody who wanted to buy him", but the company refused to sell the rare crab.

Newport Aquarium technician, Dick Miller, said that the crab is to be added to a 5000 square foot exhibit, where it will live alongside a number of other crab species.

Dungeness crabs are named after Dungeness in Washington, where the species was first commercially harvested.

They reach a maximum adult size of around 25cm/10" and live in waters ranging from shallow coastal zones to depths of up to 600ft.