Advance notice: Mega fish show and Weekend Convention!


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When: 17th-19th September 2021 Where: To be held at Holiday Inn, South Normanton, Derbyshire, at M1-J28

Planning for the above event is well under way, and is a joint venture by the following specialist associations:

  • BKA     British Killifish Association
  • FGUK  Fancy Guppies U.K
  • BLA     British Live-bearer Association
  • BCA     British Cichlid Association

After many years of arranging our individual conventions, we have joined forces to put on what we believe will be an extravaganza for fish-keepers.

As 2020 has seen so much cancelled, our aim is to offer fish-keepers the opportunity to meet throughout the weekend under the same roof.

 Amongst the planned attractions:

  • Practical Fishkeeping in attendance
  • Fish shows from the specialist clubs
  • Auctions of fish from the specialist clubs
  • Lectures/forums/conservation info & updates
  • Trade stands
  • Raffles with many fish-keeping themed prizes
  • Opportunity to talk to experienced club members
  • Membership information/enrolment

We will give updates to keep you informed... but please make a note of this mega event and the dates.

Please note: We hope/envisage that Covid will abate by September, and the bulk of people will have had their injections. The venue was booked a long while back, securing it before the anticipated massive demand for venues is unleashed.